Flagstone Installation Process

Natural Flagstone patios Flagstone Parhways and Flagstone steps

Flagstone or slate is a natural stone with several different types of colors, and characteristics. There are several different uses and benefits to adding natural stone enhancements to your landscape.

Enhance your landscape; no two flagstone patios will ever be exactly the same

Some of the benefits to using a natural stone as opposed to concrete or pavers is that it will never fade. It is always unique, no two flagstone patios or flagstone pathways will ever be exactly the same.

Natural flagstone patio

There are many different ways to install flagstone patios and the method of choice should be considered carefully depending upon the space and the use or functionality desired. 

Dry set flagstone patios & walkways


wet set flagstone patios & Walkways

For dry set flagstone installations the best base material to use is decomposed granite. It is recommended to use at least 2” of DG to prepare for any flagstone project.

One thing to keep in mind with dry set flagstone projects are that some type of border material is required in order to keep all of the base material and flagstone in place.

There are quite a few options to choose from when selecting a border for your flagstone project.

  • Bender Board

  • steel Edging

  • brick Border

  • Natural Ledgestone

Each of these landscaping borders have a different feel and can change the entire look of your flagstone landscaping project.

Wet Flagstone Patio Installation

Wet Flagstone projects are an entirely different animal. Instead of a DG base, a concrete base is required whenever using mortared joints between the natural flagstones. Without a concrete base the mortar will start to crack.

This process requires two patios; a concrete patio with a Flagstone patio mortared to the surface of the concrete

As an additional option the mortar can also be dyed to match the color of the natural flagstone being used