Custom Fire Pit Installation

natural and gas outdoor fire pits

Team up with Rogers Landscape to bring warmth into your backyard landscaping project.

Custom Fire Pits can be built or constructed out of a myriad of different types of materials.

There are fire pit kits available for more cost effective fire pit options. There are also more elaborate high end natural stone fire pit options available.

  • Fire Pit Kits

  • Cultured Stone Fire Pits

  • Natural Stone Fire Pits

  • Propane Fire Pits

  • Natural Gas Fire Pits

The installation depends upon the look and feel that you are after. There are a variety of different materials and stones that can be used to install and finish your fire pit. 

Contact us today to help you decide which options are best for your landscaping project.

Wood burning fire pits are another great alternative when looking for cost saving options.

We strive to work with homeowners to find solutions for any landscaping project budget

Outdoor Fire Pits Bring Warmth and Entertainment

Enjoy your backyard this year, enhance your yard with an outdoor fire pit where friends and family can sit and reminisce together, laugh together and roast marshmallows together.

When planned properly an outdoor fire pit can turn an unused outdoor space into a beautiful outdoor living area.

Who knows, a fire pit may be just the thing to get the kids out of the house, leaving you with a few precious moments of peace and quiet

We stand behind all our Fire Pit installations

Aside from materials and location, another important consideration are any local or home owners association setbacks.

Any setbacks or restrictions can usually be found in your HOA list of requirements.

If you need help with approval through your HOA this is something we can discuss as well. We have extensive experience working with the local home owners associations such as Whitney Ranch.

Camp in Your Own Backyard With an Outdoor Fire Pit

  • roast marshmallows

  • Share ghost stories

  • Entertaining

  • romantic

These are all things that a custom fire pit can bring to your outdoor living space in your very own backyard. Whether you live in Rocklin, Loomis or Lincoln we would be honored if you would give us the opportunity to install your outdoor fire pit for your landscaping project.