Paver Stone Installation Process

Interlocking Paver Stone walkways and paver driveways

Pavers or Paving Stones are a manufactured stone blocks made of concrete. Pavers are similar to brick and have been used historically by masons around the world to build roads.

Nowadays pavers are an excellent way to enhance the value of your property and increase curb appeal.

Prior to installing pavers it is essential to call the local utility companies first to ensure there are no underground sewer pipes, gas lines, water lines, electrical cables or communication cables.

Once the utilities have been marked, then we begin to mark-out the area for your new paver patio, paver walkway or paver driveway.

After the area has been marked, we then excavate 8" for paver stone walkways and paver stone patios and 10" for paver stone driveways.

Excavate at least 8” of soil to prep for pavers

  • 8” for paver walkways and paver patios

  • 10” for paver driveways

  • 12” for commercial driveways for heavy vehicles and commercial trucks

After the excavated area has been leveled, compacted and prepped we begin to install multiple layers of road base and then course sand, followed by a soldier border embedded in concrete to ensure nothing shifts over time.

Then, after selecting a pattern, the rest of the paver stones are placed and compacted in with a final coat of sand brushed into the seams of the pavers to complete the project; we also highly recommend a sealant for your pavers for a nice glossy finish.  

Paver preparation is key

It is imperative that you find a paver company that adheres to the proper paver preparation techniques.

  • Excavation

  • Compaction

  • 4”-5” of Road Base minimum layer 2” at a time compacting each layer

  • 1” of coarse sand maximum screeded with solid rigid conduit

  • Laying pavers

  • Brush final layer of sand atop pavers

  • Compact sand into joints of pavers to lock them into place (utilize a rubber pad attachment to prevent scuffing and cracking of the pavers from metal plate compactor during this final step)

Followings these steps are what set our company apart from others in the landscaping company and paver industry.

Paver Company

If you are looking for a local paver company be sure to ask some of these important questions.

What prep work does your paver company do?

is the demolition or prep work included in the price?

Do They remove the excaVated soil/dirt or does it remain on-site?

How much base material do they use?

what type of borders are used to hold the pavers in place?

Choose a paver stone company you can trust!